—as I have become known by those who claim to know me (namely the birds, trees, & long, flowing tongues of country rivers) —is but the latest in a long line of personas that have staked a claim to the inhabitance of this junkheap mind I once naively called my own.

        Please, enjoy the various writings & sound recordings that have leaked from these mercurial orifices. Though largely ignored by the critical & commerical eye, I have no doubt you will find some beauty upon personal inspection.

Crumbs of Heaven

A suite of joyous springtime music. Listeners have reported feeling a great urge to run outside & bury their feet in the Earth– then stand there for a hundred years to experience a true & wonderful kinship.

Psychic Cowboys

A Johnny Outdoors funk rock electro classic. The soundtrack of thunderous hooves & cracking whips & drugged up naked cowboys beating out rhythms on each others hind quarters.

Spirit Hikes

The birth of Johnny Outdoors. Mountain music for mountain babies. Babies with strong, sumptuous legs. With taut, rippling muscle that shines through youth's tanned skin & it's bristling, wiry hair.

Tales from Edmeri, CA.

The travels of a youngling in the physical world. Riding by thumb & the good grace of the denizens across their continent– Northern America.